Conekto Retail, like Conekto Transport, offers in one place, the ability of the merchant to master all his activity. The merchant here designates the holder of a trade whatever his type. Whether it’s a supermarket or a simple shop, be it a telecom distributor, a restaurant, a hotel, a hardware store, a pharmacy, a clinic or a laboratory, for any form where there is sales, Conekto retail is the preferred tool.

Conekto retail combines on a platform the sale in direct connection with the stock, the level and the value of the stock are automatically updated at each sale, with SMS or Mail alerts in case of minimum stock reached, so that you are never in out of stock situation.

The platform allows you to manage all your shops in one go if you have several. The detailed sales reports and inventory status of each of the activities, by shop are constantly available, so no need to move to do the accounts, the accounts come to you, with your computer, your tablet, or even just your smartphone.

Conekto retail is a powerful decision support tool. With relevant statistics such as the point of the top selling products per store, you know your customers better and what they expect from you, to optimize your investments, and better guide your business.

You edit your invoices, receipt, order form directly on the platform.

Conekto Retail gives you total control of your business, protects you against losses of all kinds, and gives you the freedom to progress more serenely.

In addition to the many benefits of the platform, Conekto manages your administration by allowing you to edit pay slips of your employees, and even to pay the salary via the platform

Conekto gives credibility to your business, especially with its dashboard that summarizes all the activity in one click. This dashboard at once, presents the point of your activity, and strengthens your credibility before potential investors and at the same time facilitates you access to bank credit

Conekto opens you to the world through digital and makes you competitive in a world where digital is an essential ally for growth.

And for all new needs, Conekto is a dynamic platform in continuous improvement with the possibility to develop any additional request according to the specificities of a field of activity