Manage your Business

Start managing smoothly

Every day you’re open for business is an opportunity to do more of what you love. Let CONEKTO help your day-to-day business run smoothly, and keep you well informed about what’s happening. CONEKTO will save you time on everyday management tasks and make your life easier.

CONEKTO is Your new business headquarters.

We provide everything you need to make better decisions and grow your business :


  • Sales
  • Expenses
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Bank
  • Profit & Loss
  • Bank
  • Sales & Expenses
  • Receivables and Payables
  • Profit and Loss
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Online Management
  • 24/7 Access
  • Real Time Information

Access Your Business From Anywhere

Your business is in the cloud, always with you. Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, safe, and up to date.

Run Your Business From Anywhere

You don’t have to be in your store to know how your business is doing. Access real-time data and see how it all adds up.

Real-time data

Keep your finger on the pulse. Know what sells best, find out when funds are deposited, and see your bottom line at a glance.

No need to wait on end-of-day reports. Check CONEKTO anytime to get a handle on sales, customers, and more.

Evaluate Your Business Daily

Simple and easy-to-understand reports give you a snapshot of your performance each day. Filter based on staff or location, and print or email a copy at the end of the day for your records – all in the palm of your hand.

Monitor Your Growth

See your business’s reports on sales, items, and customers all in one neat summary for any date range. All of your key business data only a click away

Real-time insight

See your sales, know what’s selling and compare your performance.

Cash management

Track cash movement to reduce mistakes and staff manipulation.

Customer insights

Get to know your customers better—how much they spend and how frequently they return.


Get organised easily and control every aspect of your business.

Get organised easily and control every aspect of your business.

CONEKTO is designed to help you spend less time in front of the screen and more time with your customers.


Built-in timecards

Employees clock in and out right at the point of sale, and overtime is calculated automatically—which saves you time and makes compliance and reporting easier.

Customized permission levels

Give different employees/roles different levels of access to your Dashboard. Passcodes enable you to limit what information your employees can see. Control who can edit items or give refunds in each location.

Mobilize your staff.

Get extra CONEKTO Readers and enable employees to accept payments in the field—or right in your shop—using their own passcodes. When lines get long, equip staff with CONEKTO Readers and a phone or tablet—send them out to ring up customers on the other side of the counter.

Track employee sales and cash drawers

See revenue-per-labor-hour reports, find your most efficient employees (and reward them!), and view which employees closed which cash drawers.

Pay your employees faster.

CONEKTO Payroll is designed for hourly employees. Timecards are integrated, and overtime is calculated automatically.


Simple Stock Management

Take away the daily hassle of managing your stock with our Inventory feature. Edit your product library in the app to get an overview of how much you have in stock, and stay on top of reorders with automatic alerts letting you know when you’re running low.

Manage inventory anywhere

Sign in to CONEKTO from any computer and handle your inventory from anywhere.

Know when you’re low

Receive a daily stock alert email detailing items that are low or out—so you always know how much you have in stock.

Fast setup.

Import thousands of products quickly with CSV spreadsheets. Easily add inventory whenever item counts need adjusting.


Create an invoice in seconds

Simply select items to create your invoice. No need to type or write it out, or to recheck different cost amounts.

Customize invoices in a snap.

Our easy-to-use invoice generator lets you customize and send out professional-looking invoices every time. Upload your logo and choose a color scheme that suits your business—all in just a few easy steps.

Thank your customers, too

Create and save default messages to add to your invoices, such as terms of service or thank-you notes for customers.

Easy for customers to pay.

We want you to get paid fast. So we’ve made it super-simple for your customers to pay invoices online or in person with their credit or debit card.

Send via email or print it out

Enter your customer’s email address and hit send—it’s that simple. If you need a physical copy, CONEKTO’s invoices can be printed, too.


Clients can book online 24/7.

Let clients book the service, staff member, and time that works for them—CONEKTO stays open, even when you’re closed.

Reduce no-shows

You can choose to request prepayment to book online, which offers greater protection from no-shows and covers you for any upfront costs.

Know when you’re booked

Receive notifications via email or text. When you confirm appointments, your schedule automatically fills up—like a calendar that pencils it all in for you.

Send friendly reminders.

Turn no-shows into show-ups. Send automated reminders and custom messages to clients via email or text. Remind clients of upcoming appointments and notify them of any changes automatically.


Do The Books

When the time for bookkeeping comes, all of your business data can be easily accessed.

  • Transactions
  • Sales
  • Expenses
  • Accounts
  • Statements
  • Reconciliation
  • Reports

A Better Bottom Line

Higher profits and better business decisions are at your fingertips with smart tools and reports you can access wherever you are. How many burgers do you sell each week? What’s your highest margin product? CONEKTO gives you all the answers.

Hassle-free admin

Get daily sales summaries, export your data and store all receipts.

Every transaction in one place.

Make better business decisions with in-depth sales reports

Get daily deposits

Get your money faster. Funds are deposited into your bank account next day.

Follow and analyse your sales

Great reports help you grow your business by tracking every sale, every product sold, and your staff’s performance. With easy-to-read sales reports, you can see what’s working and what isn’t – without being overwhelmed by data.

Spot The Trends

Knowing more about your seasonal ups and downs or even your busiest times helps you plan like a pro. Spot these trends with tools and customisable sales reports, and use that data to make smart choices about budget, inventory and more.